Symposium [Human] Resources, Research and Rights

Ieder jaar organiseren wij een symposium rond global health waarbij er telkens een ander thema centraal staat. Het thema van het congres in 2018 was 'Ethical dilemmas in Global Health'.

[Human] Resources, Research, Rights: Ethical dilemmas in Global Health 

The NVTG symposium [HUMAN] RESOURCES, RESEARCH AND RIGHTS focused on ethical dilemmas in global health. How to ensure a fair distribution of scarce resources for health? How to counterbalance the recruitment of skilled health professionals from low resource settings, whilst respecting people’s right to migrate? Decisions on the content of a (global) health research agenda can lead to ethical dilemmas. Finding the right balance between the interests of involved stakeholders is key to managing ethical dilemmas in health. 

Close to 200 health care providers, policy makers, and researchers participated in the debate, scientific presentations and workshops on these and other issues in global health ethics. 


See below for the keynotes of some of the presenters. For a full overview see the flyer

Dr Ann Phoya: ‘Ethics and the need for investments in Human Resources for Health
Prof Mr Dr Brigit Toebes: ‘Human Rights in Global Health

Sessie TROIE Think tank, Prof. Dr. J. van Delden 'The Utrecht method for moral reflection'

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Foto's van het symposium in 2017 (fotograaf Kors de Bruin) vindt u op Irista.

Van het 2018-congres zijn door de NVTG geen foto's gemaakt in verband met de Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming.