>About NVTG

The Netherlands Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health was founded in 1907. For more than 100 years, the NVTG is dedicated to the improvement of the health care in low- and middle income countries. In this regard the NVTG supports and stimulates research, provides education and promotes the exchange of expertise and knowledge in the field of tropical medicine and international health. The NVTG also contributes to Dutch health care in the light of global health.

The Society is governed by a board, consisting of 10 board members from different institutions and organisations. There are two commissions, a Science Commission active in stimulating reserach in international health matters; and a Education Commission, which oversees the training in Tropical Medicine (in the Netherlands) and coordinates the practical part of this training programme. 

Members of the society are professionals in the fields of medicine, social science, public health and other relevant disciplines engaged in tropical medicine and international health. The backbone of the NVTG is formed by 15 scientific working parties, active in health care in developing countries in areas including family medicine, child health, dermatology, surgery, urology, safe motherhood and medical antropology.

The NVTG has around 1000 members.

Activities of the society include:

  • The publication of a three-monthly magazine in English, 'MT Bulletin of the Netherlands Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health'
  • The coordination of education in tropical medicine
  • The organization of congresses, symposia. Last on October 16, 2015 in Amsterdam: Essential Medicines. The 10th European Congress of Tropical Medicine and International Health, takes place in 2017 in Antwerp, Belgium www.festmih.eu.
  • Stimulation of research in international health
  • Advocacy

The NVTG network includes: 

For more information please contact the NVTG at info@nvtg.org.