Robert Sauerwein Medal

At the NVTG symposium on 22nd of January the Robert Sauerwein Medal will be awarded.

Robert Sauerwein medal for junior researchers in Tropical Infectious Diseases

Robert Sauerwein’ s retirement in 2020 marks the end of an important era in malaria research in the Netherlands. Robert Sauerwein pioneered the use of controlled human infections for malaria and led a productive research group that profoundly improved our understanding of the biology of malaria parasites as well as the clinical, immunological and epidemiological consequences of infection. Under his guidance, the malaria research group in Nijmegen became one of the world-leading hubs for research into Plasmodium falciparum with strong collaborations in the Netherlands and worldwide.


This years selection panel consists of: Teun Bousema, Joyce Browne, Esther Jurgens and Puck Pelzer.

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